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01 StarLink-IRC HomePage
Home Page of the StarLink-IRC internet relay chat network. The family friendly net for one and all. 
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02 # Itsy Home Page
The spider's own home page! With hotdog recipes even.

03 Treecat's Home
A fun page with some good links.

04 # OldRadio IRC
Does the concept of "theater of the mind" intrigue you? Do you remember sitting in front of an old tube-type radio and listening to great mystery stories with a twist? Have you heard your parents speaking of the days when THE entertainment medium was radio, or wondered if there could be anything better than all-night talk shows? If the answer to any of these is yes join our weekly gathering in #OldRadio Thursday evenings at 8:00 Eastern / 5:00 Pacific.

05 # Just4Fun
A channel webpage featuring all of our regular members, pic's, news about people in our channel.

06 Down Home With Debo
Down home country charm guaranteed to get a grin outta you!

07 # Scorp's Place
Interesting data from my home in the north, Langley, BC CAN and my home in the south, Yuma, AZ USA

08 # Babyboomers on StarLink-IRC
We are a friendly gathering of people from throughout the world. Most of us are from the babyboomers generation, but we welcome all who wish to share and chat.

09 #MFSupport
A supportive channel for  anyone with a blood or bone marrow  disorder or cancer. A place to share, vent and laugh. Take the opportunity to be with people who understand one another with no prejudice. Support for all with chronic Myeloproliferative Disease, myelogenous leukemia, and myelofibrosis.

10 Jonathans World
Jonathans World

11 Excited's
Excited's personal page for fun, autism related links, art, links for news, greeting cards etc.

12 # KidzChat Homepage
11/18/00 Welcome to the #Kidzchat hangout! Check out our trivia games, trivia hall of fame and our page of Fun Stuff!

13 # Trivia_Dreams
Come visit the best trivia game on starlink-irc, over 50,000 questions on just about every subject. Our players are from around the world all ages. Best of all, our Bot is generous with points....Come play and see for yourself.

14 # Veterans
Attention all Veterans, Families, and friends. The "#Veterans IRC Channel" devoted to all Veterans of all services, their families and friends. .

15 # Newbies
All sorts of help topics to make your chat experience as relaxing as possible. We hope this page will help to answer some of your questions.

16 Homeschooling
Homeschooling information, support, and chat.

17 # mirc_colors
Great holiday pages, wavs, ascii art songs, links to card sites and other great sites on the web!

18 # Momma^s_House
Channel info and nteresting sites linked

19 # WTGO
Trivia and games! Drop in and give it a try. The web pages has a schedule! Also links to a number of WebTV IRCs

20 # #50+Chat_Trivia
Chat and Trivia Fun for everyone! People from all over the world who come here to play our game and chat with friends. Our cute little bot Chat_Triv will keep you guessing!

21 # #valhalla_coven
A official site for #valhalla_coven.  Basically religious deprogimming and entertainment links with a link page for IRC.

22 #

23 # 40something
The #40something channel web page with pics of our regular members and their pets, channel stats and news.

24 # Survivingrief
Support and chat for those who have lost loved ones. It is a good place to find folks who care, understand and will listen. The site has support material on understanding and surviving grief.

25 Hope Renewed
Lindy's personal site with poetry, inspirational stories, holiday pages and life with chronic pain.

26 # Quiltz
This is the website of #Quiltz. It showcases some of our work and provides tips, tricks and links of interest to our chatters.

27 # Needle_Craftstz
Welcome to #Needle_Crafts the channel for all of the sewing arts and styles. Drop in and swap tips, styles and art any time.

Miss Taz
in memory

in memory

Wonder what happened to the old webring? The recent takeover of by yahoo added invasive requirements - you have to give them information and get a "yahoo ID" in order to be a MEMBER of the ring. As a result, we've decided to just maintain our own little 'webring' for SL-IRC residents, family members, and friends.  

Here's the way it works:

Ring members place the small SL-IRC icon on their pages, same as before, except the only link is to which brings you here!

Images you can use are at:

We hope you like the new arrangement .. comments are welcome/

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