01 JAN 2004

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Here are some things people are saying about our net!

This page was posted Feb 2003 on the official chat website for one of the special organizatons that use StarLink-IRC.
The text has been sightly edited (with permission) to maintain the requested anonymity of the channel and organization.

StarLink-IRC Info

StarLink was founded Mon-15-July-1996 and StarLink-IRC.Org was founded Wed-1-January-1997. StarLink-IRC.Org provides us a meeting room and various services (like giving the operators special "hats" to wear) at no charge.

They host many rooms (or channels) for many members (in recovery or to have clean family fun). Over the years, many in our Online Group room have come to know many of the StarLink-IRC.Org operaters on a close nick-name basis. They indirectly support our recovery; they are aware of our room(s) and our purpose. Since SLIRC hosts rooms for our group and others, they have been in a unique, yet supportive, position of occassionally recommending our room to people that come onto the SLIRC servers and are "lost" in the world of Internet Relay Chat.

If you ever need some technical assistance or need to report a person for violating some of our strongest behavior concerns (actively seeking sex; advertising/spam; suggesting other networks than SLIRC; warez; or recurring abusive language/behavior), please do not hesitate to seek advise from them. They tend to "hang out" in two rooms #channels and #terranova.

Once there, you can verify that members in that room are really SLIRC staff with any of several commands (omit things in parenthesis).

/msg deathstar oplist (or)
/msg cstar admin (or)
/msg cstar verify nickname (or)
/msg cstar help (to get a general rundown of how to report a problem if no one is available)

Some documents of interest about StarLink-IRC:

o StarLink-IRC: Why are we here.
o The sorta-monthly newsletter (and email subscription information)
o The SLIRC Charter
o The SLIRC Channel Service Charter
o SLIRC frequently asked questions (simple overview)
o SLIRC frequently asked questions
o Some interesting SLIRC history
o SLIRC email & contact list
o SLIRC note on Child-Safe Chatting

Just as our room is proud of our record attendance of 35 members (over 30 members on very many occasions), SLIRC is proud to have reached FOUR HUNDRED online connections on Fri-3-January-2003. When founded, about 200 peak users may seem slow compared to nets of hundreds of thousands of users. But SLIRCs policy is, and always has been, to make the net a clean, safe, and friendly place to chat. Their goal has been to RUN the net, so what you see, is what you get. Channel lists aren't inflated... if a channel is abandoned, it is deleted. There are no bots holding channels open to inflate the channel counts either. It's an honest net. They deliver what they promise, and try their best to make sure they are delivering what people want in a family-friendly chat network.

StarLink-IRC was founded on one concept: A cybertown, where the net is the village and the channels are the "homes." The SLIRC staff is simply the groundskeepers, road crews, and tourist bureau for our little cybertown. It is the residents... our users and visitors... that make it the pleasant place to chat that it has become over the years. They can just dust the neighborhood... it is all of us that make it a place worth visiting.

FEB 98 Excerpt from StarLink-IRC General mail list

Ladies and gentlemen of StarLink-IRC,

As you have no doubt been reading, one of our former IRC Operators and Channel Service representatives has decided to create his own network separate from that of StarLink-IRC.Org.

The administration of StarLink-IRC has done nothing but strive for the best treatment of our continously growing userbase ever since its conception more than a year ago.

My server, Rochester.MI.US.StarLink-IRC.Org, was the founding StarLink-IRC server -- most of the original operators and service members are still here to this day! We've had our fair share of growing pains and administrative difficulties, but we feel that our network has the best combination of service and support with userbase size over any other network in the entire world and we're very proud of what we have built. We hope that you have enjoyed it as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you. :)

StarLink-IRC.Org is the first network ever to implement a charter about proper treatment of users and the interaction of users with administration, and this has been copied time and time again from new networks popping up all over the world.

This isn't the only first we've had, we were also the first network ever to use CStar (cserv) and DeathStar (uworld), which are now both in the public domain and countless new networks have used these two invaluable tools.

<snip> Thanks for reading and we all look forward to being your network in the future, thanks again!
StarLink-IRC Co-Founder and Network Administrator
From the #ChatHouse Page

"By now, you're probably asking yourself, "Why are you so enthusiastic about StarLink-Irc.? Well, that's an easy one. We have had channels on other nets, but StarLink-Irc is downright impressive! StarLink is "family-oriented", no warez or sex channels are permitted. You can be comfortable having the younger ones using StarLink-IRC.
The Admin (administration) of StarLink-Irc have repeatedly shown themselves to be courteous, helpful, and supportive, but firm about upholding the StarLink-Irc Charter and Rules.
Aren't these the qualities we all look for when choosing a net for owning a channel, or simply chatting?"

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