Friends like you
*~For Friends Like You~*
  I never thought that there would be,
friends that I would never see.

Friends out there in cyberspace
spread throughout the human race.

They have space inside my heart,
I hope we never grow apart.

That sassy gal that I adore,
for whom I care yet more and more.

A special girl that would show me,
just how special 'net friends could be.

Then that big bad dude up north,
who gives a laugh with a big snort.

A canuck that lives so near,
his Canadian homeland he holds dear.

And a gent from my own state,
who in his hands does hold his fate.

A Kiwi girl with starbright charm,
who'd never do you any harm.

A darling lady, no plain Jane,
who's kind words push 'way the rain.

Who would ever have thought that I'd
have these friends, some 'cross the tide.

Oh wouldn't it be just a ball
if we'd get together, one and all?

In my long arms I'd hug them near,
and tell each one that they are dear.

We share our hopes, we share our dreams,
we share most everything it seems.

So thank you friends across the 'net,
you mean more than you might bet.

08/14/98...Original poetry by Nick Justice

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