01 JAN 2006  is a privately owned intenet relay chat network that specializes in providing a family-friendly environment for individuals and groups of all ages to use for the exchange of ideas, idle conversation, support for those less fortunate, and just plain old fun. 

This privacy policy applies to the services provided by StarLink-IRC which include the web pages on this site ( and the IRC client connections available through chat servers in the domain.

We take personal privacy very seriously and do NOT collect or require any personal information about users of our service.  This privacy statement discloses the types of information we gather, how we use it, and how to correct or change it.

We VERY STRONGLY suggest that you do not ever provide your real name, address, or other personally identifiable information on the network or in emails.  It is not necessary  to do so to use our services.  IRC is "anonymous" by nature and our intent is to maintain as much of that anonymity as is consistent with our services and user expectations.

1. What information do we collect?
None of the basic services that we offer require you to provide us with personally identifiable information as a condition of use. Basic s
ervices include access to the web site or to our IRC network.

If you register as a channel owner, you will be required to provide an email address for our use in contacting you. If you support registration of a channel by someone else, the applying owner may submit your email address to us as proof of your support.  The person collecting the email addresses and providing them to us should ask your permission first and not request any information other than just an email address for contact.

Our servers do collect routine internet connection information such as your IP address, the time of your connection, and information about the StarLink-IRC network chat rooms and pages on this website that you visit.  However, this type of  information cannot be matched with any personally identifiable information about you since we don't collect it in the first place.

2. What is the StarLink-IRC policy on cookies?
We hate them. Web bugs too. They aren't used anywhere on our web site and hope they all go away  everywhere else forever and ever.

3. How does StarLink-IRC use collected information?
The only significant  information we might ask for is your email address.  However, that is completely voluntary and ONLY applies if you 1) register for our mailing list (obviously); 2) register a channel as an  owner; or 3) provide your email address to someone else in support of their channel registration application.   Your email address will be used only to:
Deliver mail notices and our newsletter via our general mail list.
b. Contact you about the channel if you are a registered channel owner.

c. Verify your support of a channel registration application.

There is no requirement to register a channel, support a channel, or subscribe to any mail list.

4. How does StarLink-IRC share the information?
We don't routinely share it with anyone.  Your email address (when provided) is not even shared with all members of the StarLink-IRC staff, but only those who need the information to conduct StarLink-IRC  business.  Your email address, if we have it, will never be provided or sold to third parties for marketing, advertising, or simliar purposes.

Your personally identifiable information may be available to others when:
a. You volunteer information in an online IRC conversation in a message or "chat room".
b. You volunteer information in submissions to our newsletter or mailing lists. 
. When otherwise required by law, such as in response to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process.

StarLink-IRC may provide whatever assistance and information we have to third parties if we believe that your actions violate StarLink-IRC usage guidelines.

StarLink-IRC will cooperate with and provide information to official law enforcement agencies in order to assist with the investigation or prosecution of any activities involving abuse of minor children. If we have any reason to suspect that you may be using our network to facilitate child pornography or abuse, you are hereby notified that you have NO privacy rights whatsoever.

5. What are my options?
Anyone who would rather not provide an email address requested by our channel or mail list registration process does not need to register. You can still view all of our web site pages and use our chat network (except as a registered channel owner or applicant supporter) without providing your email address.

We also give users the following options:

   1. Opting not to receive mail on our user mailing list. Users who subscribe may unsubscribe themselves from the mailing list at any time through the list subscription pages.
   2. Opting not to provide an email address when registering a channel (chat room). You will not be able to own a registered channel on our network without providing us with the information required on the channel registration page.

6. How can I review and update my personally identifiable information?
You can't.  We dont have any other than (maybe) your email address.
a.  If you need to change your mail list email information, you can follow the mail list instructions.
b.  If you need to change your channel contact email information (registered channel owners only) you can send an email to providing the old and new information.

7. How will I know if the privacy policy is changed?

Any change will be posted here.

8. Privacy of children
Since we do not ask for any personal information, we do not know if children under 13 are using our services. We strongly recommend that parents or guardians closely supervise any young children who use chat networks until they are sure that the children understand how to safely and responsibly use our services.

Questions or Comments
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