Gimme Ops!!

The Burning Question of our Time ...




First and foremost, PLEASE don't ASK a ChanOP, CService Rep or IRCop.

The folks who hold these positions of trust on StarLink-IRC are very aware that many regular visitors are interested in taking a more active role in the net and its activities.

The very best way to work toward that goal is:

1) HELP out on channel - Newbies (those new to IRC) are always glad to have someone offer an assist. If you are willing and help others on a regular basis, it will become very apparent to others and an "invitation" may be offered at some point.

2) PLEASE UNDERSTAND that ChanOPs, CService Reps and IRCops WILL notice your willingness to help, desire to hold the position, AND your ability to do so. When the time is right, you may be asked if you would like ChanOp, CService, or IRCop status.

3) In simple terms, CHANOPS are chosen by Channel Administrators (Senior channel operators); IRCops are chosen by Server Administrators; and CService Reps are chosen by by the Channel Services group.

4) Should a position be open, you will be contacted by the appropriate person when and if they feel you are ready for the duties and responsibilities of the particular position.

5) AND...(the most important "hint" of all).....BE PATIENT. The best way NOT to become a ChanOp, CService Rep, or IRCop is to continue to ask for the position.

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