Frequently Asked Questions

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StarLink-IRC FAQ 1.2
21 Nov 98 - updated 11 Nov 01
Q: Why are there two StarLinks ?
A: This net was formed in Jan 97 by most of the orgininal StarLink founders. The details are available in the slhistry file at our website.

Q: What makes this net so special?
A: We are just adorable? No? Well, actually a few things. - Foremost, this really IS a network FOR the users. We are only here to provide a friendly safe cybertown for them to run around in. - We actively support our Charter. Many nets have no porn/no warez in their policies, but a quick look at the channel list will tell you how serious they are about it. - We do not interfere in channel operations as long as whatever is going on is consistent with our charter - We are an OPEN net. We have an open mailing list that anyone is free to use and we have net-wide meetings twice a week on #TownHall that anyone is free to join in.

Q: What Services do you have?
A: Here's a list of common services and information.

ChanServ: CStar is our cserve 'bot'.
OperServ: "DeathStar is our operbot.
Security: Tristar is our security service. (update 11Nov01)
NickServ: SL-IRC does not register nicks.
MemoServ: SL-IRC does not have a memoserv

Q: Do you plan to have nick or memo services?
A: In our view, nick registration causes more problems than it fixes. People abuse the service by reserving nicks they dont use, etc. Plus it is an extensive administrative burden to manage, fix and keep current. There are no plans to implement nick registration. We may provide a memoserv function in the future.

Q: Does the channel bot lag?
A: In a word, no. CStar is written in perl and has been specifically designed to be a chanserv. CStar never really delays any more than the lag time to its actual host, generally never more than a couple seconds unless the internet itself is hosed.

Q: How many channels do you have?
A: Type /lusers to see current channels and user counts.

Q: What if I don't want to register a channel?
A: Thats fine. CStar, however, is only provided on registered channels.

Q: How many channels can I have?
A: We allow one registered channel per user. We do spot check applications but be advised that if we are mislead, the person may lose BOTH channels as well as the opportunity to register in the future.

Q: What if i have a channel already on another net?
A: We don't really care how many nets you have channels on. We don't allow you to advertise other IRC networks in topics, of course, but if you want to run channels on other nets too, we don't mind at all,

Q: What do you consider to be a "bot"? (update 11 Nov 01)
A: The expanded use of "always on" connections has made the definition of "bot" somewhat fuzzy. Any connection left unattended/inactive for an extended period will be considered a "bot" and may need specific permission to be connected. A first or second instance (clone) of a client connection that is active or recently used by a person is NOT a 'bot' in this sense even if it does have a set of scripted or automatic functions.

Q: Can I run my own bot?
A: You will have to check each server's Message of the Day to see what their policies are on bots. As a rule, you have to get permission from the server admin to run a bot connected to that server.

Q: Do you monitor what goes on in channels?
A: No. If we receive a complaint about a user being abusive, we will check into it, but for the most part, the channel ops and owners handle the channel.

Q: Does CStar keep logs?
A: Yes, but only of commands directly sent to it. CStar is 'deaf' to all in-channel traffic.

Q: OK. How can i register and how big a deal is it?
A: Type /msg CStar register and follow the prompts. Or get an email application from someone in #channels or use the web site. If you register online, make sure you have the nicks and email addresses of seven supporters handy.

Q: How long does registration take?
A: You should receive an email reply in a day or two. If you don't, go to #Channels and ask about status. It usually takes one or two days to process an application.

Q: Do you screen the type of channels here?
A: We don't permit certain channels .. more information is available in our Charter. In short, abusive, porn and warez (pirated software) channels aren't permitted. We do require that all Channel names be in English and begin with a letter or number (a-z, 0-9) . This is a family net .. you shouldn't see anything on a channel list that you couldn't see in a community newspaper.

Q: Why are there rules for channel names or topics? (new 12 Nov 01)
A: This is to prevent ending up with an absurd and unusable channel listing full of ### and !!!!! channels. We require channel names and topics to be in English so that the majority of our staff and users can read them.

Q: What happens to lamers? Or do you care?
A: Porn pushers, abusers, predators, and the like are dealt with in the normal ways. If in channel the ops there can ban them. If they are mass messaging or being abusive across the net, then a gline (global k:line) - a ban from the net - may be in order. Usually for an hour unless it continues or is particularly bad. Sometimes we follow up on especially bad ones. We will sometimes contact the ISP and advise them of people abusing their services (or our net).

Q: How about lame IRCops?
A: We dont tolerate abuse of authority either. IRCops or CService reps found abusing their authority (taking ops without permission, not respecting channel bans, etc.) will be dealt with. This net is founded on the principle of freedom FROM abuse, and we stand behind that.

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