01 JAN 2007



Christmas Eve
With Tipsy Rudy
This is what happened on Christmas Eve ...... as broadcast on the status window at StarLink-IRC

[17:23] (Rudolph) Ok first announcement - MERRY CHRISTMAS - Join us in #TownHall for Christmas Eve 2006 ! Bring friends and family for a Merry SLIRCmas
18:00 (Rudolph) Time check. At the North Pole its .. um... er.. Note to self: Tell chubbo what do do with his sundial "gift" next year.

18:01 (Santa) Ok which one of you left this thing connected? Somebody get the sack and will SOMEBODy find the red nosed overgerown sled dog so we can get going??

18:30 (EstrBunny) Im trapped at the pole with a bunch of carniverous reindeer .. send hel... *CLICK*
19:00 (Rudolph) Get in the traces Red, line up in front Red, line us up for takeoff Red, lets get er done there Rudy. You know if i make a left under that 767 bet it will fry his 'get er done' whiskers off ....
19:30 (NORAD) Norad reports Santa and the sleigh in violent maneuvers over the North Atlantic .. we're checking it out now.
19:31 (Rudolph) grr. England. I ALWAYS forget ENGLAND .. this is gonna hurt.
20:00 (NPole-1) Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blizten .. you are off course again. Would somebody get the flask from Red and turn the sleigh before you get shot down?
20:30 (Rudolph) Gimme that BACK. Mime dot nunk and this a berry voring sled ride anyway. Where do i get outta this chicke... *CLICK*
21:00 (Rudolph) Aha shows us over Rio. Glad I got Flash installed in my nose. So to go North then we turn to the .. WOAH THERE........
21:02 (ATC_SA) Speedbird 352 Heavy dive immediately i repeat immediately you have some lunatic at 10 o'clock and mach 4 .. get out of there.
21:30 (Dasher) Pole Central this is Dasher. Big Red is in the sled with Whiskers - sleeping it off. We're over Miami dodging those silly black helico.. GEEZ.. tht was close. Somebody send cofee ahead to Atlanta - we need the schnozz back online.
22:00 (Rudolph) Yeehah.. on dasher on dancer on whosit and whatsit .. this is gonna be fun now ..Jingle bells, jingle bells E I E I O.. ...
22:02 (Santa) Pole control call somebody. Red locked me in the sack and is driving. Well .. steering. Well not really but get me OUT OF HERE

22:30 (Rudolph) Grumble. That was soooo like embarassingl. Breathe into the baloon, pay the fine, wanted to impound the rig. Who knew those 2 seat F-15s carried breathalyzers. And sirens. And that rocket smelled bad when it went by .. I bet I coulda out run it...

23:00 (Rudolph) Central this is Red again.. you get a call from a Mr Turner tell them I was NOWHERE near CNN tower. I got a alibi. Well, its Blitzen but its the best I can do. Dasher is being a pain about dumping gramps outta the sled on that last turn. Love to chat, got to go. We'll do lunch.
23:30 (Rudolph) Control, me again. Mr BIg wanted me to call ahead and get a recipe for when we get back. Sending by email. Find Snow though one of the 7 dweebs and ask her what is a "venison" ? And why would you want one with a maraschino cherry in front of it?? Oh. His Chubbiness wants also to check on the A-1 whatever that is....
23:45 (Kringle) Due to unusual circumstances, Rudolph is indisposed and approaching medium-well. There will be news from Santa Control momentarily.
Session Close: Sun Dec 24 23:14:25 2006

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