Questions and Answers about our WebRing
JAN 04 2003



What is a WebRing?
  • A WebRing is a group of pages which have a common interest and are linked together ... in this case the common interest is Starlink-IRC! The page linked to doesnt have to be about SL-IRC, but it should be relevant to IRC.
Who can join the webring?
  • The webring is for anyone who would like to participate. It could be a channel homepage or an individual's site. Any site that meets the minimum requirements (below) can be linked.
What are the minimum requirements?
  • To be considered for the WebRing, the page you wish to link must:
    • Have a prominent topic/subject relating to StarLink-IRC or Internet Relay Chat in general.
    • Have a webring box and link (of course!) on the page.
    • Be consistent with the StarLink-IRC Charter and may not contain or directly link to locations promoting intolerance, abuse, warez (illicit software), or other illegal activities.
    • Not link directly to sexually explicit (adult) sites.
How do I get on the WebRing?
  • Send mail to Subject: WEBRING SITE ADD Your Site Name.
  • In the body of the email include the following (see the list for examples):
    • A "name" for the site
    • The URL you want the list to point to
    • A short description of what the site is about.
  • Once the page is checked out and you have placed our webring HTML code (available from the webring data sheet.) your site will be added to the list.
  • Thats all there is to it! If you don't see your site listed in a few days send an email to and we'll see what went wrong.
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